Tailored Fund Portfolios

By partnering with us, you can standardise the investment solutions your clients invest in and have a much more efficient process for managing portfolio rebalancing and switching. Our new specialist capability also offers customised and branded reporting specific to the strategies we co-create with you, enabling focused discussions with your clients.

Why use model portfolios?

Why use us?

Improve client outcomes

Utilising the manager selection and asset allocation services offered by an award-winning specialist investment business can dramatically improve the outcomes for your clients

Our investment expertise is clear from the long-term track records of the funds we look after. As your partner, we will also assist in ensuring that clients are invested in appropriate solutions for their needs.

Detailed investment reviews

Investment strategies can be reviewed on a regular basis to evaluate the appropriateness of the asset allocation and manager selection of your model portfolios.

Our Tailored Fund Portfolios capability will perform daily monitoring  of your Investment strategies. You will join the Investment Committee on a quarterly basis to ensure that Investment strategies are managed effectively and reviewed in detail.

Fee transparency, get ready for RDR

Model portfolios usually have two cost elements - the Total Expense Ratio of the solution, and the Model Portfolio or Wrap Fee. The total cost to your client should be transparent and disclosed in detail.

We support a transparent and fair approach to fees and disclosure. Through our multi-managed specialist fund of funds, you will be able to access top quality managers, whilst your clients benefit from very competitive pricing.

Gain ease of administration

Model portfolios can help you to implement the same investment solution across a group of similar clients. Each client group is then managed as a single investment solution.

Our portfolio management system and LISP admin functionality will enable bulk switching, bulk rebalancing and automatic rebalancing of your individual clients. As the appointed Category 2 FSP we will be able to ensure efficient portfolio management of your entire client base.

Increase the growth of your business

Your business can benefit from partnering with an investment and administration capability. It allows you to focus on activities that your client appreciates the most. You will also have more time to focus on expanding your client base.

Our capability is  designed to enhance the value of your practice.. We can support you in your advice process as well and in managing your practice. We will engage with you to identify areas where we believe our support can be of value.

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