Benefits for Corporates

Why invest with Old Mutual Multi-Managers?

For corporates, we offer various ranges of funds, including the Growth Aware Funds, Risk Aware Funds,  Specialist Funds and ForLife Funds . While each category offers investments suitable for investors across the risk spectrum, there are slight differences between the categories. Please contact us should you wish to discuss our product range, we would be happy to chat to you about your needs.

  • You get the benefit of our in-depth manager research:
    We undertake rigorous research, not only into performance, but also the strategy, philosophy and individual strengths of asset managers. Our experienced investment team are specialists in manager selection and asset allocation. We also have a strong economic research team.
  • You get exposure to more than one investment strategy:
    We purposefully select managers with different styles, strategies and asset class exposure to minimise investment risks and reduce the dependence on any single market condition for performance.
  • You enjoy a cost-effective investment solution:
    As a result of our size, we can offer investors fund of fund fees that may be lower than the fees for investing directly in the underlying managers.
  • You enjoy peace of mind while we do the work:
    Portfolios and managers are constantly monitored to ensure they meet their objectives and manage risk appropriately.We will make all changes required to maintain an optimal fund structure. Our economies of scale give us access to top end systems for the analysis of risk and performance monitoring.

For corporates and financial advisers who operate in this space, our platform business allows you to choose your own managers - a bespoke solution - at a fee which may be more affordable due to bulking. We also look after all your administration in this regard, meaning you're able to focus on your clients. For more information about our platform business,email Stephan de Kock.